The 5 basics of a janitorial and office cleaning service

The 5 basics of cleaning your office.

This breaks down into 5 simple categories to make your office look nice! Of course you can go above and beyond. But if you hit these 5 things, you will be safe!

We like to do these things in order. Do not stop and switch from one thing to the other. Complete all in one category and then move on to the next.

  1. Dust – Dust keyboards, monitors, picture frames, etc. Basically any horizontal surface needs to be dusted.
  2. Wipe Clean – This includes but not limited to toilets, mirrors, glass, desks, etc.
  3. Trash – Go around in a methodical fashion and collect all of the trash. If the trash can has gum in it or other debris, replace the liner. If not, keep it in there. No reason to be wasteful.
  4. Vacuum – This is pretty self explanatory. Make sure you are pulling out chairs and getting under the desks.
  5. Mop – Use fresh mop water and a floor disinfectant. Also make sure your mop head is soaking up water appropriately. Mop dry. Do not leave puddles.

Those are the basics. If you go around the office or commercial property and do all of these 5 steps at once, you can save yourself some headache. This also helps to insure that you do not miss anything. If you switch between tasks, it increases the chance that you will forget something that you were doing previously. Don’t get caught in trap!

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