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Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Regardless of how impressive a business may be, first impressions make a difference when it comes to its continued success. A cluttered, dirty office conveys an image that the business and its employees are unorganized and that attention to details is not a priority. To avoid presenting a negative image, many businesses hire an office cleaning or janitorial services company. Some businesses may choose to handle their own cleaning needs a majority of the time and turn to an office cleaning business for occasional help. This can put a strain on employees who are often too busy with other job responsibilities to do a thorough cleaning job. For the best results, when it comes to having a clean and professional office, it is important to hire an office cleaning or janitorial services company that can tend to the office on a regular basis. A janitorial services company like Elite Clean Co will ensure that the employee and client areas are tidy

A small example of the daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly  office cleaning or janitorial services we provide in the Kansas City area include:

– Dusting of horizontal surface like desks, book cases, computer and electronic equipment
– High dusting of pictures, light fixtures, air conditioning vents
– Low dusting of chairs, furniture, rails and baseboards
– Trash collection, removal and recycling.
– Detail vacuuming under desks and waste baskets, behind doors, corners and edges
– Complete sweeping and mopping of floors
– Elevator and stair cleaning
– Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning
– Clean and disinfect doorknobs, telephones and light switches
– Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, counter tops, microwaves, toasters and refrigerators

If you don’t see it, just ask! We definitely like to make our customers happy and can comply to virtually any reasonable cleaning request when it comes to keeping your office clean!


Floor Scrubbing

MOST floors can be saved with our floor scrubbing service. The process includes: Floor stripper and then scrubber.  After that we apply several costs of sealant. Then we apply a generous amount of wax. After that, the floor is gone over with a floor polisher. It is important to note that different types of flooring have different results. We can strip, seal, and polish a variety of floors including: Interior vinyl floors, asphalt tile, rubber, sealed concrete, marble, granite, natural stone, and most composites.

The floor scrubbing process can be started and completed in as little as four hours! This of course is dependent on the area size and the degree of floor wear and tear. We also provide a floor wear prevention service. This is similar, except it skips the abrasive floor scrub, to a degree. This is very popular service for obvious reasons. If done correctly and maintained appropriately , it can extend the life of your hard floor, close to indefinitely. So go ahead and give us a call now and schedule your one on one floor consultation. Let us help to get your place of business in tip top shape!


Apartment Community Cleaning

We understand the long list of responsibilities you have as you manage your apartment complex in Kansas City.  Our goal is to effectively remove from that list one item…the cleaning or common areas so you have one less thing to worry about.

We know your apartments must look clean, smell clean, and feel clean, so they will be attractive and ready for your new tenants.  From hauling out abandoned belongings (excluding furniture) to the final inspection, we do all the work for you.

We will clean common areas, such as clubhouses, offices, entrances, hallways, and laundry rooms.  We dust for cobwebs, wash fingerprints and dirt off walls and doors, wash most windows, clean elevators, wash baseboards, vacuum and edge carpet, and wash floors.


Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Elite Clean Co. has a team that specializes in real estate cleanings throughout the Kansas City Area. Moving in or out of a place can be a difficult challenge for an individual, couple or family. It’s not easy as we all know that feeling of “Oh we’re done, but now we have to clean.” Let Elite Clean Co. help you finish the job and clean the old place so you can relax, put your feet up, and enjoy your new home worry free.

Our Move-in/Move-out cleanings cover everything in your home or apartment. This type of cleaning really gets deep into places usually not covered in regular maintenance cleanings. We will clean the inside of all appliances and cabinets, detailed cleaning of all baseboards and exhaust vents, windows, balconies and more.


Strip & Seal Service

In addition to our janitorial office cleaning service, we also offer stripping and waxing of floors. At Elite Clean Co. we provide high quality strip and seal for all suitable floor types.

The strip and seal process involves the removal of the old sealer from the floor’s plane (stripping) and then applying multiple layers of sealing coats (sealing). The purpose of this is to safeguard the floor against scratches, to keep it looking clean and new as well as minimize ongoing maintenance.

Our strip & seal services include:
– Strip & seal suitable floors
– Floor buffing and polishing
– Tile & Grout cleaning

Elite Clean Co. provides floor maintenance services to a range of domestic and commercial clients:

· Factory floors
· Shopping Centers
· Restaurants
· Commercial kitchens
· Foyers
· Balcony’s
· Household floors


Final Cleaning For Construction

Elite Clean Co. offers post-construction cleaning to both residential and commercial customers. This cleaning service is specifically designed for homeowners or businesses that have done remodeling and need to rid their home, office or apartment of the dust and minor debris that is left behind. Our post construction cleaning service consists of highly trained cleaners who are extremely familiar with the needs and requirements of this very special and detailed cleaning service.

Post construction clean up services require the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the highest quality of work. Our cleaning services can also include green seal certified or environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. Please call us today or complete our online email form to receive a full cleaning service price quote.


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